Friday, May 30, 2008

Dengar semua mahasiswa...hehehe..brita baru

Change 50 Percent Of PTPTN Loans To Scholarships,

A senator Tuesday suggested that 50 percent of the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) loans be changed to scholarships, while the loan repayment service charge be abolished.Senator Datuk Roslan Awang Chik said this was to alleviate the burden of loan repayment on the recipients, the important human capital for the country's future development."Previously, scholarships were given to students and when they graduated, suitable jobs were guaranteed for them based on their academic qualifications."But now, they not only have unemployment problem, but also a debt of up to RM60,000 as well as loan repayment service charge awaiting them when they graduate," he said while debating the motion of thanks for the Yang di-Pertuan Agong's address at the Dewan Negara, here Tuesday.Roslan said the suggestion was in line with the current economic situation, especially with the price hike of goods.Meanwhile, Senator Lee Chee Keong while debating the same motion, urged the varsity students to be bold in choosing their course study so that they would be competitive globally.He said this was because most of the students had the tendency to take up traditional studies, such as medicine and law, while there were other options such as biotechnology, kinetic technology and space science."The traditional mentality should be changed.

There are so many new fields to venture into. Why does it always have to be law and medicine? How can we encourage and prepare young people to face the challenges of globalisation?"Hence, he suggested that the curriculum in the higher learning institutions be reformed to make it compatible with the job market demands, and at the same time overcome the unemployment problem in this country.Lee also said that the status and monetary aid given to schools in this country should not continue to differ from each other."We need not differentiate the schools as Malay, Chinese, Tamil, government-aided, state religious schools or anything like that anymore."I suggest we coordinate all and give equal aid and allocations because if we don't, the consequences can be severe," he added.

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