Wednesday, July 16, 2008

ladies and gentelmen.....the winner is.........

The debate on TV just ended last night and I must say Anwar won it hands down. Neither debaters were eloquent nor did they appear prepared. In fact they came across as quite amateur. ( by the way Tun M is the true champion for oration hehee.)

Anwar had the easy job of exploiting the governments weaknesses and made it quite simple and clear as to how he would raise the RM5 billion to reduce fuel price by 50 sen. And he would raise it be removing inefficiencies in the economy, like reducing the reserve power margin. At no time did he say he was going to make Petronas foot the bill.

Shabrey on the other had the golden opportunity but failed miserable at answering or explaining the 1 fundamental question on my mind - that is - what compelled the government to make that drastic move suddenly raising fuel price up to RM2.70. If he had just stuck to the facts and delivered the rational, he would have won hands down.
At the end of it, from a policy point of view Anwar would make a far superior PM than what we have today.
As much as he has been consistent in his behavior as a good organizer of rallies he also has been consistent in his criticism of pubic spending, wastage, corruption etc.

Unfortunately for Shabery that there is so much rot UMNO is sitting that his room to maneuver is very limited - simply because Anwar probably knows of all the rot. Example, the minute he tried to pin the IPP’s in Anwar, Anwar came back strong on the reason for Tan Sri Ani Arope’s resignation from TNB.

Lets now look forward to the next debate but my message to PKR and BN- stop the rallies and road blocks because we really cant afford the cost of sitting in traffic jams burning precious petrol and polluting the environment. You guys go have more debates on TV and we will watch. Come election time we will go and vote for who we believe is best to lead us.

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